Friday, January 28, 2011

Art Ukraine

Wellcome to Ukraine ;)

Dolls from natural fabrics

All my dolls are made from natural fabrics - cotton, flax etc.

Folk ukrainian dolls

According to historians, dolls motanki appeared in Ukraine, another seven thousand years ago. Our ancestors believed that in them is all the magic of colors of thread to the filling and the whole essence of the toys in its title-it really does not make, but shakes. The doll is made only from natural materials.

Basis dolls cross sign of the union of heaven and earth. He also simlovizuet four directions, four seasons. It is a symbol of the sun.  Doll motanka used as a charm, so the person on it is not represented. It was believed that otherwise it would be possible through the impact on the person who owns the doll.

This traditional Ukrainian doll is made by wrapping around pieces of fabrics and bright threads. It's an amulet and a house decoration in one. On her face there are some magic signs: Life-Love-Wealth.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ниточка к ниточке...

Помню одно стихотворение начиналось:
"Буква до букви і виникло слово,
Слово до слова і виникла мова"

В моем случае один шнурочек и один и получилась вот такая куколка :)